Just An Introductory Post


These Are The Unsolved began with nothing more than interest in unsolved and missing persons cases and a desire to help bring awareness and media attention to them. After almost a year of trial and error and learning to design a decent looking website we're finally up and running! You can plan on seeing lots of changes and additions to the website throughout September and we have some amazing plans in store for the future.


My name is Anna and I'm the creator/writer/content curator/websit.... you get the point. I originally came up with the idea for These Are The Unsolved after watching an episode of Criminally Listed on Youtube (I really recommend his videos if you aren't already a subscriber). I've always had an intense interest in the unsolved, the mysterious, the macabre. Over the years that's transpired into thousands of hours researching cases, going through ancient newspaper articles, speaking with friends and family members and about a hundred miscellaneous folders on my desktop, each labeled with a different case name and date. "Why couldn't I do something useful with all of this?" crossed my mind and These Are The Unsolved was born.

I am not a private investigator, forensic expert or law enforcement agent. My background experience is mainly in social media marketing, freelance writing, office administration and graphic design, and it's my hope to incorporate every one of these skills into raising awareness for the thousands of missing persons, unidentified remains and unsolved cases in and out of the United States. While it is not currently a non-profit organization there are plans to become one in the future, in addition to donating time, money and resources to individuals and organizations in the interim.

Over the next few months you can expect to see a lot of changes to the website, content and the resources provided. We hope to publish at least one new article each day at minimum, and will soon add video coverage of cases to the site as well. Our readers can sign up for our mailing list to stay on top of our most recent articles and latest changes as well! We're always open to viewer comments and suggestions, so make sure to contact us with all of your ideas!


These Are The Unsolved does not have a minimum time limit for cases; readers can submit a case regardless of when it occurred or how long the person has been missing. Recent and breaking cases will be featured as such in the breaking news section of the site as well as in their respective categories. We are happy to look into any case that you would like to see featured and love hearing your thoughts on these cases as well! In an effort to increase both awareness and education on the many cases we feature, each article will include a list of sources. If you know of a link or other source of information not listed in the article, please submit the link with the case information so that we can add it!

Before I go I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed us on social media and taken the time to read and share our articles this week! This wouldn't be possible without you and I'll be sending out a free gift next week to the first 100 people to like our Facebook page to show my appreciation!