Unidentified No Longer: Not Just Some Mother’s Boy


UNIDENTIFIED UPDATE: In 2018 the body of “Some Mother’s Boy” was unearthed to collect DNA samples. At this point Todd Matthews was approached by several residents who recalled the young man’s death and produced news articles revealing the young man’s identity.“Some Mother’s Boy” was identified as Frank Haynes; an article on the whole story of this young man’s identity and death can be read here.

Some Mother's Boy

In a Georgetown, Kentucky, cemetery lies a tombstone reading “~Some Mother’s Boy ~ Killed April 1, 1921 Interred April 14th, 1921”. For years the only information known about this unidentified young man was that he had been found dead outside Georgetown, and that he appeared to be between 17 and 19 years of age. Until now little information existed regarding the young man’s identity, and the case seems to have disappeared from agency files. However, articles found in the Courier-Journal and Richmond Daily Register now shed some light on the last hours of this young man’s life. In these articles the following story unfolds:

In the late evening of April 1, 1921, the northbound Royal Palm passenger train in Georgetown struck a young man attempting to cross the tracks. He was taken to Ford Memorial Hospital and died around 1am on April 2nd, never regaining consciousness from his injuries. In his coat a brass clothier’s tag with the name “H.M. Lindenthal, Chicago” was found, and a similar tag stamped “E IC6” was found on his shirt with the laundry mark of “Jones”. Inside one of his pockets a watch was found with the initials “W.A.” on the outside and “L.H.D.” on the inside.

A collection was taken from the men of the town and others, including the Southern Railroad Company, to provide a casket and grave for the young man. He was buried April 14, 1921. The pastor of the First Christian Church, Dr. Ira M. Boswell, conducted services at the grave, which was adorned with flowers donated by local florists.


It’s been suggested that the unidentified young man was a runaway from a neighboring town. Possibly a youth with dreams of adventure who met an untimely demise, which would explain why no one ever came forward to identify the body. Todd Matthews, who is credited with helping identify "The Tent Girl" and has spent 30 years researching this case, is just one of the many people who hope to have a hand in putting a name on this young man's grave. Todd's blog, Todd Matthews, chronicles his years of searching for missing and unidentified persons cases.

"I first heard of this young man in 1987 when I learned of the Tent Girl. Now, 30 years later, I have not given up the hope to giving him back his name" Matthews said in an email with These Are The Unsolved.

Unidentified Remains Agency Contacts

Hopefully the new information uncovered, along with a new generation of web sleuths and amateur detectives, will finally be able to put the mystery of “Some Mother’s Boy” to rest. If you believe you have information regarding this case please contact us at contactus@thesearetheunsolved.com or Todd Matthews at j.toddmatthews@gmail.com.



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