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I’m guessing that until now you had never heard of a missing person named John Henry Poggenburg Jr, I know I hadn’t. Poggenburg is not listed in any of the usual missing persons databases and website case files and there are few sources regarding him online. Over the years missing persons, unidentified remains and unsolved murders tend to get lost in time. Case files are misplaced, fires and floods damage evidence

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Sylena Jo Dalton and her infant daughter were last seen alive on the morning of July 27, 1998. The 20 year old mother and her two month old child, Allyson Dalton, were in good spirits at 7:45am when a family member visited them at their Strasburg, Virginia, apartment. A Murder & A Kidnapping The devastating scene wouldn’t be discovered until later that afternoon when a concerned co-worker stopped by the

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In 2003 Tammy Anita Cooper packed up her belongings and moved her family from Dallas, Texas, to Lubbock. The 44 year old mother of three had hoped that the move would be a fresh start, but it would end in tragedy. October 25, 2004 On the morning of October 25, 2004, a friend of Tammy’s stopped by her apartment in the Windcrest Estacado Apartment complex to take Tammy’s children to

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Gerald Bingham was just over one month shy of his 70th birthday the last time his Fort Smith, Arkansas, neighbors saw him alive. A Mysterious Trip The slight rain from the day hung in the air as Gerald’s neighbors watched him climb into his maroon 1998 Buick Regal. It was 2am. The 69 year old had advised that he was making the 70 mile trip to Talahina, Oklahoma, and would

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In most cases of unidentified children there is always the unspoken truth that somewhere out there is a parent desperately searching for their missing child. However, that truth changes when the person responsible for their death is their parent, as seems to be the case with “Opelika Jane Doe”. Opelika, Alabama On January 28, 2012, a young boy found a human skull in Lot 47 of the Brookhaven Trailer Park

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UPDATE: In March, 2019, DNA evidence was used to determine that Cecil Stan Caldwell, a prior co-worker to Linda Bernhardt, was responsible for the murders of Linda and her husband Clifford. Caldwell died in 2003 at the age of 59 and the case is now considered closed by the Yellowstone County Cold Case Division. In 1973 Clifford and Linda Bernhardt were just beginning their version of the American dream. Clifford was

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No official tally exists of the number of people who went – and remain – missing in the public lands and National Parks of the United States. An “educated guess” has estimated that number at roughly 1,600 people whose fates still remain a mystery today, and the National Park Service’s Investigative Services team continues to investigate new and cold cases on an ongoing basis. Dennis Johnson Dennis Eugene Johnson lived

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Sports buffs and college basketball followers will probably recognize the name Donald Dollar – and rightly so. Dollar has spent what could be considered a lifetime in the coaching profession, boasting a resume that proves that he is indeed the man for the job. Faye Jackson Dollar however is a name that few will probably recognize, but it’s her story that we hope will be remembered and one day put

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Born Scott Andreas Douglass (Sims) was a blond haired, blue eyed boy and was a fifth grader at Jefferson Elementary School in Wichita Falls, Texas. His mother, Ellen, was a nurse and his step-father William had reported for duty in Fort Polk, Louisiana, with the National Guard’s 49th Armored Division during the Berlin crisis. His biological father had remarried and was living hours away in California. December 9, 1961 On

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July 3rd, 1985, was a sunny day at East Canyon Reservoir and recreation area. David Mathew Jaramillo and Lloyd Michael Reese took advantage of the warm, summer weather that day and made their way from Lloyd’s house with two other friends. Nestled in the mountains northeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, is East Canyon State Park and recreation area, a favorite among boaters, hikers and swimmers of all ages. David