Missing Boys David Jaramillo And Lloyd Reese Have Been Gone 33 Years

Missing Boys David Jaramillo And Lloyd Reese Have Been Gone 33 Years

July 3rd, 1985, was a sunny day at East Canyon Reservoir and recreation area. David Mathew Jaramillo and Lloyd Michael Reese took advantage of the warm, summer weather that day and made their way from Lloyd’s house with two other friends. Nestled in the mountains northeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, is East Canyon State Park and recreation area, a favorite among boaters, hikers and swimmers of all ages.

David Mathew Jaramillo

David, who was 21, was just starting his adult life when he disappeared. At the time he was working with his father at the New Grand Hotel in Salt Lake, with plans to attend Salt Lake Community College in the fall.  The 5 foot 8, hispanic young man had curly black hair and brown eyes, and weighed around 160 pounds.  David had a chipped front tooth and scar on his chin, and an unknown tattoo on his right hand when the boys set out that day.

Lloyd Michael Reese

Lloyd Reese was only 14 years old the day he left his home in the 170 E. 1700 S. block of Salt Lake City. He was only 5’7” and 135 pounds, but he had features that would be easily recalled. His eyes were an intense green that contrasted his wavy brown hair. Reese had a mole on the bottom of his right cheek and braces on both rows of teeth, which were exceptionally bright teeth that stood out when he talked or smiled. He also had a noticeable scar on the back of his right thigh as well as on his upper right arm.

Brown Datsun B210

At some point during the day David and Lloyd became separated from the others, reported driving away in a brown Datsun B210. The Datsun has never been recovered. The boys were reported missing by friends and family members that evening when they failed to return home. While the two friends David and Lloyd were with are not considered suspects, the circumstances surrounding the boys’ disappearances remain shrouded in darkness. Before leaving his house that day, Lloyd Reese set his little sister on the trunk of his parent’s car. He gave her a candy bar, said he loved her and that he would return soon, and left. 33 years laters one can only wonder if the disappearance of David Jaramillo and Lloyd Reese was simply a terrible accident in the mountains, something more sinister, or perhaps that the boys simply just left to start a new life somewhere else.

Case Reopened

In April, 2010, David Jaramillo’s family placed a headstone in the local cemetery for him, and a month later the case was reopened by police. An ongoing investigation prevented police from stating exactly what brought about that decision, but cited newer technology and analysis techniques as a possible way to solve their case.

Missing Person Agency Contacts

Those with additional public information or contacts related to this article please contact us. Persons with information regarding the whereabouts of David Jaramillo and Lloyd Reese or the circumstances surrounding their disappearances  are urged to contact the Salt Lake City Police Department at (801) 799-3000 or your local law enforcement agency.