The Missing Boy Scout: Scott Andreas “Andy” Sims

The Missing Boy Scout: Scott Andreas “Andy” Sims

Scott Andreas Douglass (Sims) was a blond haired, blue eyed boy and was a fifth grader at Jefferson Elementary School in Wichita Falls, Texas. His mother, Ellen, was a nurse and his step-father William had reported for duty in Fort Polk, Louisiana, with the National Guard’s 49th Armored Division during the Berlin crisis. His biological father had remarried and was living hours away in California.

December 9, 1961

On the afternoon of December 9, 1961, the 4’11” Boy Scout put on a black coat and knitted cap over the blue jeans and black turtleneck sweater he had been wearing. It was a foggy day in the high 40s and Scott, who went by Andy, left his corner home at 4600 Stanford between 12:45pm and 1:00pm to play outside. Ellen had called the house about thirty minutes before and both of her children were home at that time.

His mother had left Scott and his older brother Donald at home while at work, and it wasn’t until she returned home around 2:30pm that she discovered her youngest son was missing. The Sims had only recently moved to Wichita Falls and Scott’s mother sent Donald searching for his brother. When Donald couldn’t find him the family searched for Scott for nearly five and a half hours before finally reporting him missing around 8pm.

Boy Scouts Troop 22

One possible lead in Scott Sims’ case is a report made that a boy matching his description was seen around 3pm the day Andy went missing. The witness, who would have seen the boy just a few hours after he went missing stated that he had been at the Boy Scout Hut at the time of the sighting. Scott was a Tenderfoot in Boy Scouts Troop 22. A few people, including Sims’ cubmaster Bill Fortune, reported that they thought a relative had picked him up that day. Andy’s troop was preparing for a campout and continued with their plans, hoping he would turn up. The trail and areas traveled by the Scouts were searched to no avail. Lake Wichita, which is near the hut, was searched and dragged but also produced no viable leads.

No Clues

Police searched a grouping of caves near Fairway Boulevard to no avail after friends reported Andy sometimes played there. Despite both land and air search efforts put in by volunteers and more than four agencies no clues to the circumstances surrounding Andy’s disappearance were ever found. Temperatures dipped to freezing and below in the days following when Andy was last seen, hindering search efforts and diminishing hopes that the young boy would be found alive.

Donald Ace Douglass Sr., who Andy’s brother Donald Jr. was named after, divorced their mother while the boys were still young. He eventually remarried, settling down in California, and was said to have called the police station repeatedly waiting for updates when Andy went missing. Oddly enough however Donald’s son from his second marriage, Steve, was unaware of Andy’s existence until after Donald’s death in 2001. While Donald Sr. had talked about his son Donald Jr. many times, he had never once mentioned another half-brother to Steve, much less Andy’s name.

The "Perversion Files"

In 2012 the Oregon Supreme Court ordered that the Boy Scouts of America release over 14,000 pages of “perversion files” detailing over 50 years of sexual abuse and molestation cases and allegations against former leaders and troop members. The released files, which span cases from 1947 to 2005, are just a sampling of decades of abuse that have been recorded since 1925. During this time at least 77 cases were reported in the state of Texas, handwritten notes, letters and court reports detailing a gross disregard for the continued safety of Boy Scout members. An interactive map created by the Los Angeles Times shows the true extent of this horror, many cases never being reported to authorities or even addressed aside from removing the offender from their Boy Scout affiliation. While no connection has ever been officially made between Sims’ disappearance and these allegations, many have speculated that the two may be related.

Scott Sims was a caucasian male who wore glasses and weighed around 90 pounds at the time of his disappearance. Some sources list his hair as being more strawberry blond than blond. He was born July 1, 1950, and would be 68 years old at the time of this article if he is still alive. Few leads are available in his case and his disappearance remains unsolved.

Missing Person Agency Contacts

Those with additional public information or contacts related to this article please contact us. Persons with information regarding the whereabouts of Scott Andreas Douglass Sims or the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are urged to contact the Wichita Falls Police Department at (940) 761-7762 or (940) 761-7767, regarding case number 09-011998; or your local law enforcement agency.