About Us


Mission Statement


These Are The Unsolved was started as a solution to help bridge the gap that lingers between the public and the solving of cold case homicides, missing persons cases and unidentified and unclaimed remains.

We aim to raise awareness of and for the thousands of unsolved cases across the United States and beyond through the publication of articles and media about these cases, while using the digital advances and "everyday" skills of our readers and contributors to stretch that reach even further.  Our key objective will be to enlist our audiences in the crime solving process, looking for skills, talents and trades that can be used not only to raise awareness for these cases, but possibly to solve them.

Due to the advances in technology forensic genealogists are now able to track down suspects and name unidentified remains, a skill that was usually left to the family historian for compiling ancestry books. These Are The Unsolved plans to bring together other individuals with skills like genealogy, makeup artistry, photography and research - skills that potentially be harnessed to aid in the solving of crimes, location of missing persons and the identification of remains.