The Mysterious Disappearance Of Christine Ann Nelson

Eugene, Oregon, is a scenic city of around 160,000 people situated in the Willamette Valley’s southern end. The third largest city in the state, it is home to the University of Oregon where Christine Ann Nelson was working as a secretary in the Division of Counseling and Educational Psychology when she went missing in 1986.   Marriage Troubles Christine Nelson was reported missing August 25, 1986, by her husband Philip

Miss Margaret Beck: The Other Girl Scout Murder

The Girl Scouts began in 1912 with the dream of creating confidence and character in its members that would enable them to meet their world head on. Juliette Gordon Low and the 18 young girls she assembled at her home on that fateful day didn’t know they were creating a movement that would last into the next century. But in spite of the millions of young girls who have benefited