Unsolved Murders

Sylena Dalton Murder And Infant Allyson’s Kidnapping Unsolved 20 Years Later

Sylena Jo Dalton and her infant daughter were last seen alive on the morning of July 27, 1998. The 20 year old mother and her two month old child, Allyson Dalton, were in good spirits at 7:45am when a family member visited them at their Strasburg, Virginia, apartment. A Murder & A Kidnapping The devastating scene wouldn’t be discovered until later that afternoon when a concerned co-worker stopped by the

Murder In Lubbock: The Tammy Cooper Story

In 2003 Tammy Anita Cooper packed up her belongings and moved her family from Dallas, Texas, to Lubbock. The 44 year old mother of three had hoped that the move would be a fresh start, but it would end in tragedy. October 25, 2004 On the morning of October 25, 2004, a friend of Tammy’s stopped by her apartment in the Windcrest Estacado Apartment complex to take Tammy’s children to

Murdered Math Teacher: Who Killed Faye Jackson Dollar?

Sports buffs and college basketball followers will probably recognize the name Donald Dollar – and rightly so. Dollar has spent what could be considered a lifetime in the coaching profession, boasting a resume that proves that he is indeed the man for the job. Faye Jackson Dollar however is a name that few will probably recognize, but it’s her story that we hope will be remembered and one day put

Miss Margaret Beck: The Other Girl Scout Murder

The Girl Scouts began in 1912 with the dream of creating confidence and character in its members that would enable them to meet their world head on. Juliette Gordon Low and the 18 young girls she assembled at her home on that fateful day didn’t know they were creating a movement that would last into the next century. But in spite of the millions of young girls who have benefited